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The Power of Building Your Own “AI Think Tank”

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Learning is no longer confined to textbooks or conventional courses. Today, it encompasses podcasts, communities, meetups, and an array of other resources. In the vibrant world of AI, the key isn't just to absorb information. It is about strategically understanding and creatively applying it.

Curating an 'AI Think Tank' - An Approach to Cutting-Edge Learning This in-depth understanding doesn't come solely from conventional channels. It is also derived from meaningful engagement with those leading the way in AI. I've therefore carefully selected my own 'AI Think Tank' - a diverse collection of AI influencers, pioneering entrepreneurs, and distinct voices that keep me in the loop of AI's continuing evolution.

AI is about crafting your unique journey. It covers not only technical aspects like machine learning algorithms and neural networks but also philosophical elements like ethical considerations and societal impacts. The influencers on my 'AI Think Tank' list are an assorted mix of tech wizards, advocates for transparency, fairness, and accountability in AI, and business experts leveraging AI for growth.

Building Your Own AI Think Tank: A Personal Learning Expedition

Here are unique voices that I’ve been learning from. Check out their work, see how it resonates with your growth, and start building your own “AI Think Tank”. Remember, it’s not about the size of their follower list, but the size of their ideas, creativity and potential.

  • Andrew Ng - An AI (technical) guru

  • Zain Kahn - AI and productivity

  • Brian Solis - News and applications on AI, covering CX, experience design, innovation

  • Alex Wang - AI and data

  • Steve Nouri - Innovation and AI

  • Rob Lennon - A content and business strategy with a focus on AI

  • Vered Horesh - Keeping it real on AI, law, and ethics

  • Endrit Restelica - AI on web 3, gaming, and YouTube

  • Ruben Hassid - Creatively tackling AI, SEO, images, and mid-journey

  • Tibi David - Applying ChatGPT to UX and design

  • Sachin Kamath - AI meets creative

  • Sam Szuchan - LinkedIn at scale, exploring AI tools for entrepreneurs

  • Rinat Keinan - Showcasing how AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney can revolutionize business plans and product management

  • Craig Weiss - AI meets Learning and Development

  • James Currier - Delivering interesting newsletter on AI and entrepreneurship, funding of AI-related startups, and more.

  • Tal Peretz - Dishing out AI news, technical knowledge, latest funding in AI

  • Pete Huang - Keeping you updated on AI news, tools, and research

  • Isabella Bedoya - Marketing meets AI

  • Reid Hoffman - AI meets business strategy, product, creativity and leadership

  • Josh Bersin - AI and HR

  • Bernard Marr - AI and future trends

The knowledge you gain from these unique individuals can directly shape your career.

Become the Most Interesting Person in the Room By implementing three key strategies, you can truly become the most interesting person in the room at your company.

  1. Diversify your learning resources - Go beyond textbooks and traditional online courses to podcasts, AI communities, and meetups. You'll not only absorb knowledge but also gain insights from different perspectives, enabling you to add unique viewpoints to any conversation.

  2. Assemble your own "AI Think Tank" – a curated selection of AI influencers and thought leaders who keep you at the cutting edge of the industry. By being in tune with the latest trends and advancements, you'll become a go-to source of new ideas, making you a conversation starter at your company.

  3. Don't just accumulate knowledge, apply it - Be strategic in interpreting what you learn and creative in implementing it. This will establish you as someone who can transform abstract concepts into tangible results, making you an indispensable part of any project.

By integrating these strategies into your professional development, you won't just be a participant in conversations - you'll be leading them. You'll become the most interesting person in the room, someone who's constantly learning, innovating, and driving progress in the exciting field of AI.

Who are your AI influencers who have significantly influenced your understanding of the field? Share your thoughts and let's keep the learning going.

Let's thrive, Inbal Israeli Gaffa Co-Founder & CEO InBe Tech

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