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All You Need to Know about LinkedIn's Future of Work Report: AI at Work

Gathered some eye-opening findings on AI skills that you can't afford to miss.

1. Before We Start:

👩‍🔬Who’s Behind The Report?

  • Authored by LinkedIn's Market Research Team and Data Scientists

  • Insights drawn from 950M+ Professionals on LinkedIn

📊 How Was the Data Collected?

  • Based on insights, surveys and indexes by LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn’s AI Skills Index available at a country level measures AI skills adoption rates

2. Scope of the Report

1. Intersection of AI and Work

2. State of Generative AI (GAI) in the workforce

3. LinkedIn's role in an AI-Driven World

3. Growing Demand for AI Skills

Job postings mentioning new AI technologies have increased 21x since November 2022.

4. Buzzwords in Profiles

75% monthly increase in members adding terms like "GAI," "ChatGPT," “Prompt Engineering” and "Prompt Crafting”

5. Fastest-Growing AI Skills in 2022

source: LinkedIn report

6. Global AI Skill Adoption

source: LinkedIn report

source: LinkedIn report

7. Occupations & GAI Augmentability

Let’s identify which skills can be augmented by GAI and which can't,

or... not yet (:

Occupation Share of skills potentially augmentable by GAI

  • Software Engineer 96%

  • Salesperson 59%

  • Customer Service Rep. 76%

  • Cashier 59%

  • Event Manager 39%

  • Teacher 45% For example: 45% of teacher’s skills support tasks where GAI could enable greater productivity (lesson planning, curriculum development, etc.), more than half of skills involves people skills

Occupation Share of skills potentially augmentable by GAI

  • Driver 9%

  • Nurse 6%

  • Environmental Health 3%

  • Safety Specialist

  • Oil Field Operator 1%

  • Medical Doctor 7%

  • Construction Specialist 11%

For example: only 11% of Construction Specialist’s skills support tasks where GAI

could enable greater productivity (construction-related drawing, Revit

software, etc.)

Here is the full list (LinkedIn report)

8. Executives Opinions

👔 What Do US Leaders Think?

  • 47% believe using GAI will increase productivity

  • 44% plan to increase AI use

  • 40% see growth opportunities

9. Don't Forget People's Skills

92% of US executives agree that people skills are more important than ever!

Source: LinkedIn report

10. LinkedIn AI Initiatives

📝 Personalized writing suggestions for profiles [upcoming]

💌 AI-assisted messages for job seekers and hirers [upcoming]

📚 Over 300 new AI courses

🎓 Professional Certificate on Generative AI—free until 2025

11. My takeaways: Your Next Steps

1️⃣ Update your LinkedIn profile with relevant AI skills

2️⃣ Engage with top voices in AI on LinkedIn. [check my AI & Career Development Newsletter]

3️⃣ Check out LinkedIn's [or other] GAI courses.

LinkedIn Report - Summary by Inbal Israeli Gaffa1
Download PDF • 34.93MB

Here is the full LinkedIn report.

Here is our post on LinkedIn.

Yours, Inbal Israeli Gaffa Co-Founder & CEO

InBe Tech

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