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"Mom, I Want to be Your Intern" - Summer School of Skills

"Mom, I want to be your intern."

That simple statement from my teenager Ofri kicked off a summer filled with more than just sunshine. It became an immersive learning experience that shattered traditional notions of internships and skill-building.

A New Lens on Marketing

Our first engagement was an event where marketing strategy was dissected and celebrated. Ofri discovered that marketing wasn't just about selling products but about constructing compelling narratives that influence perceptions.

Bridging the Digital Divide

At a community center, Ofri navigated the role of tech educator for seniors. This experience was a lesson in empathy and the power of technology to connect different generations.

Mastering the Pitch

During a pitch night, Ofri observed the importance of persuasive communication. She learned that a well-crafted presentation could turn a room full of skeptics into believers.

The Networking Landscape

Ofri realized that networking wasn't merely transactional but relational. She learned the value of building meaningful connections, both professionally and personally.

The Skills Acquired

In this summer journey, Ofri gained a diversified toolkit:

  • The importance of doing and exploring

  • Empathy

  • Marketing

  • Art of persuasive communication

  • Art of listening

  • Dealing with hard questions, feedback session

  • Importance of relationship-building, networking

  • Startup is an exciting challenge!

It was a transformative experience that equipped her with skills not commonly found in a classroom.

The Invitation for a Lifetime of Lessons

So, the next time your child nudges you to take them to work, don't hesitate! This unique form of "take your child to work" can be a treasure trove of life skills. From understanding complex business strategies to mastering the fine art of laundry... the learning is limitless.

But let's be real—this is a special occasion, not a daily routine. Once a year sounds about right, doesn't it?

We're eager to hear your stories. Have you ever had an unconventional intern experience that broke the mold? Please share, because sometimes the most extraordinary lessons come from the most unexpected places.

Yours, Inbal Israeli Gaffa

Co-Founder & CEO InBe Tech

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